21st Century Club

Use the power of Innovation to shape your event

We will make your event 21st century savvy. Connect your event with today’s technology and make it the talk of the town

Analyze your speakers through our smart device, Hivezilla Organizer can set the required communication parameters through it, generate comprehensive assessments, AI-driven insights on the set parameters. 

After all, 21st century is all about work smart and not hard


A 21st-Century Platform where Connection and Motivation is the ultimate goal. 

An innovative platform where the Hivezilla Organizer can use future technology to plan events, register participants, engage with them, form and manage a community, use our unique smart device, AI-driven insights, and much more!

What do you want to organize? 

We help you organize Events, Tournaments, and that too Smartly!

Become event smart and stand apart!

Services we offer for you



Build your competition structure, from setting up and supervising the registrations to the announcement of the winner. Do it all.Tournament will take care of the load in no time.



Organize events without hassle. The all-in-one platform built for engagement.
Execute your events perfectly.

Real-Time Broadcasting

Real-Time Broadcasting

Inbuilt feature, where you can broadcast your events live. Make it a success everywhere in real-time.
Avoid FOMO!



Share participants’ videos online on various social media sites and get live scores from people all across the globe in no time.
Time to make your reach big!

Step up your event with our smart device

With our Auto-tracking, 360-degree smart device, shoot your event in real-time. Go Hands-free for the perfect motion track. The Auto tracking movement feature will never let you be out of the frame.  There’s no better way to capture your shots without any distortions, hands-free and in frame. Go ahead and broadcast your event live on multiple platforms. Show it to the world with our Quick Modes and real-time assistance.

Popular Speakers

With the most popular modules of our courses, learn new development and communication skills, advance your career and make new human connections. Innovation & future

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